Hyland Baptist Church
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

For Christians in every neighborhood, community, and city:

May your Holy Spirit inspire us to pray, to give, to love, to serve, and to proclaim the gospel,

that the name of Jesus Christ might be glorified around the world

 We are excited you are visiting our website and that you may be considering a visit to our Church.  Whether you are looking for a new Church home or you are simply going to be visiting our fine city, we would be honored to have you join our family of believers.  It is the desire of Hyland Baptist Church to provide you and your family with as many opportunities for spiritual growth as possible.
Please join us this Sunday at 9 A.M. for Sunday School and 10:15 A.M for Worship.  Experience the difference at Hyland Baptist Church.  Hyland Baptist Church wants to make a difference at home and around the world.  If you want your life to really count, Hyland Baptist is the place for you!  Come join us.  Together we can make a difference!
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