Hyland Baptist Church
Monday, October 19, 2020

Pastor Kenny's Thoughts

Kenny Kidd

Thank you, Hyland, for saying “Yes” once again to VBS! Last week’s Vacation Bible School may not have been our largest in terms of attendance, but I believe it was a wonderful and fruitful week of ministry! There were changes made with the schedule in order to compress our schedule from 3 ½ hours per night to 2 ½ hours per night. I do think that this change was helpful for our workers and also for our children and youth. Unlike most years of VBS, we didn’t see a decline on the last night. In fact, our attendance on Friday was as high as any other night during the week. This is not what usually happens in VBS. I am so thankful for the children and families that God brought to us for our VBS week.

It was such a joy to see some of these families with us in our VBS Celebration Service this past Sunday morning. How wonderful would it be to see some of these young people and their families continue to join us as part of the family of God here at Hyland! I am also rejoicing over the young people I believe responded to the Gospel as it was shared in our VBS program. We are following up with a few young people in particular about their spiritual commitments. Pray for us as we take these steps. I appreciate the faithful service of our director, our teachers, class leaders, activity leaders, transportation helpers, and kitchen workers. I also want to focus in this letter on our upcoming Green Valley Baptist Association Day of Evangelism.

This time of training and encouragement in sharing of our faith will take place on Sunday, August 13th in our Family Life Center. Lunch will be served starting at 12:30 p.m., and at 1:15, we will have a training time led by Bro. Todd Gray. Bro. Todd serves as our Kentucky Baptist Convention Evangelism and Church Planting Team Leader. After the training time, we will be able to go out and make visits to church prospects. I want to take a special opportunity to invite you and to encourage you to participate in the event. With all that will take place with this event, I am canceling our Evening Service on the 13th. I am confident that people throughout the church realize the importance of sharing the Gospel. Nevertheless, statistics indicate that approximately 90% of Christians have never led another person to faith in Christ. I could share a lot on this subject, but I want to communicate about the impact that it has on our spiritual lives. I have been reading a book by Greg Laurie by the title of Tell Someone: You Can Share the Good News. I agree with so much that Laurie shares in his book. In one chapter, he talked about how the presence of a new believer in the life of a Christian will spiritually revive the life of the Christian. Laurie compares this to going to Disneyland with adults versus going to Disneyland with children. Laurie says that it’s a whole different perspective when you go through Disneyland with children, especially children experiencing something like this for a first time. They are so excited for every ride and every experience! On the other hand, some adults may complain about the cost of admission or of the food, the length of lines, and may just be happy to get out of there at the end of the day or the week. Laurie then states, “Now think of going to church with those who have been Christians and churchgoers for many years, even decades. You can find yourself taking things for granted, complaining, and even become somewhat jaded. The music is too loud. The music is not loud enough. The church is too small. The church is too big. The pastor’s sermons are too long. The pastor’s sermons are too short. …” Then Laurie makes a suggestion … “take a nonbeliever or a newly minted believer to church with you next Sunday … you will find yourself praying fervently for the pastor’s message and hope he extends that invitation for people to come to Christ. And if that person you brought does believe in Jesus, now you have the privilege and joy of helping them get on their feet and reach spiritual maturity.” We talk a lot about the need for revival in the church. If you help someone come to know Christ as Savior and Lord or if you help someone to take their first steps of obedience in the faith, that will spark revival in your life! Laurie also made this statement,

“No doubt about it, new believers are the lifeblood of the church. They also are the lifeblood of the Christian. We all need a new believer in our life. We need to deepen and ground them. In turn, they reignite and excite us.” I want to see people throughout our church family having this type of experience in their lives spiritually! If you get more involved in sharing your faith and you have opportunity to lead someone to faith in Christ or to help a new believer to grow spiritually, it will reignite your spiritual life and fill you with greater purpose. We all need a new believer in our life!