Hyland Baptist Church
Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Honor And Memorial Giving



A Memorial gift is a special way to provide a
personal remembrance for a deceased family member or friend.
 An Honor gift provides a meaningful way to make a donation in
the name of a family member or friend who is celebrating
a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, graduation, school teacher, etc.)
           Hyland Baptist Church
               Building Fund
                                   Address:                                                                            Zip:                
                                   Phone:                              E-mail address:                                                
I/We are making a gift
In honor of     In memory of    (please circle one)
Amount of gift $                     
Please send an acknowledgement of this gift to:
(Please list either the honoree's address or the address of
the family member who should be notified of your gift)
                              Address:                                                                     zip                           
Envelopes to make donations to the Special
Building Fund are in the front lobby,
the lobby by the elevator and the back of the pews
 Or you can Printed a copy and bring it to Hyland,
Put in the offering place or church Office.
Donations to the special
Building Fund:
In Memory Or Honor of:

 Contributions have been made to the

Special Building Fund

Contributions have been made to the

Special Building Fund: