Hyland Baptist Church
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

E-Card/Birthday List

Send e-cards, personalized cards, photo cards, cards with sound, invitations, announcements for birthdays or to encourage a friend or family,
Birthday's of the Month of January!


 Nancy Gibson  01/01
Martha Hughes 01/04
Elsie Chamberlain 01/11
Katie Pomponio 01/10
Helen Hinson  01/13
Vicki Shemwell 01/15
Helen Bishop  01/17
Hadlee Langston 01/17
Mason Stone  01/20
Frank Rust  01/23
Katie King  01/2
Steve & Beth Hook 01/01

How do I send an e-card?
It's easy!  You can browse the categories of e-cards available.By clicking on a category name, you can view the cards available within that category.Simply click on the thumbnail of the e-card you'd like to see, and the e-card will be enlarged to full size.
Some e-cards will play through automatically, and some will prompt you to "turn the page" by clicking on the button labeled "Next".  After you've seen the entire e-card, you can click the "Personalize" button to enter your customized message. Then, click the "Address" button to address and send your e-card!