Hyland Baptist Church
Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Visitor Info - FAQ

What to expect?
You can expect smiling greeters at the doors, fresh coffee in most Sunday School classes, comfortable seats, great music, relevant messages and people just like you.

When should I get there?
In order to get settled in the worship service before it begins, you should plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before the service time. If you have nursery or preschool age children to get settled, you should arrive about 15 minutes before the service starts. The greeters will be glad to escort you to the Preschool department.

What should I wear?
Most people at Hyland dress for comfort. There is no official attire. The majority of people in the Sunday service wear more traditional clothing - dresses/suits and casual attire. Please keep in mind that you are coming to a worship service with many other people. Please dress to make yourself comfortable.
What is Sunday School?
Sunday School at Hyland is for all ages:
Birth - Senior Adults
Sunday School begins at 9:00 a.m.
Adult Classes – in the Lighthouse and on the upper level of the older portion of the church
Student Classes – meet upstairs in the Lighthouse
Babies and grade school ages – on the basement level
Do Bible study resources equip people to live with a God-given purpose?
Bible Studies for Life is a curriculum designed to make that dream a reality. Bible Studies for Life is:
  • Biblically and theologically sound - you can trust it
  • Systematic - an intentional three-year plan so adults know where they're going
  • Foundational truths - inspires adults to build Godly values and character
  • Life focused - equips adults to live with God-given purpose
 Bible Studies for Life curriculum is designed to help adults know, be and do all God desires for them. The Bible is the essential handbook. God uses His Word to help adults.
Sunday School at Hyland offers these classes:
Life Matters - for young adults
Life Truths - for parents of school-aged children/teens
Life Values - for "empty-nest" adults
Life Ventures - for retired adults
Do my kids go to the worship service with me?
Yes, they can. However, we believe the best option is for your children to participate in the age-appropriate programming provided just for them. The Nursery and Pre-School areas are open for infants to five years old. Five year olds to fifth grade will come to adult worship and then will leave after the offering. They will be go to Children's Church for an exciting kids-style worship. This is provided during each of our worship services. Students, sixth to twelfth grade, attend the adult worship service at 10:15 a.m on Sunday.
If you do take children to the worship service, please keep in mind that the pastor is speaking to adults and he may use words you may not want to explain to your children yet. Also, please be considerate of other worshipers and the potential for children to become bored and disruptive during the worship service.